Endorsed project::JOint INternational Laboratory of Deltas (Joint-Delta)


Project Information

        Financial support from Shanghai Science and Technology Commission

        Grant No.: 21230750600

        Themes: Disaster Prevention and Mitigation, and the Impact on Public Health

        Project Leader: Prof. Qing He, Director of SKLEC

        Project period: 2021.10 - 2024.9

Project AIMS

          With special focus on the key issues of each delta, this project aims to provide solutions for disaster prevention and mitigation, and promote the capabilities of human responses to disasters under extreme weather and risks, ultimately contribute to the sustainable development of Community at estuaries and coasts.

Interactions with other programs/projects

       Community of Practice Group 8 (together with 3 other UN OD endorsed programmes: Coast Predict, Ocean Cities and GEM)

       Outreach with SCOR-China and FE-China

       Support the World Coastal Forum (WCF)

       Cooperate with COASTAL-SOS Project

       Cooperate with GEF-FAO project (EST)